Building people
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Building people from the ground up (949) 588-8193

About Us

What is The Body Warehouse?

"Strong action is training the body without being burdened by the body, exercising the mind without being used by the mind, working in the world without being affected by the world, carrying out tasks without being obstructed by tasks."

- The Book of Balance and Harmony

With a background in martial Arts before coming to Aerobic and Fitness world, Paul Daniels, founder of The Body Warehouse, has always had a clear vision of fitness and health. He started The Body Warehouse with the idea of helping people to build themselves into happier more productive individuals. Teaching that healthy bodies come in different sizes and shapes, and healthy attitudes and self-acceptance leads to happier more productive lives. Through our Cardio-Kickin', Fighting Fit Boot Camp and Kettlebell classes he has recognized and developed vehicles for bringing people together in an extremely positive and productive environment. Supporting each other to simply do their best and be proud and excited about their efforts. Teaching that the only true acceptance is self-acceptance.

The Body Warehouse is proud to offer:

Cardio-Kickin': Have fun and get in shape while experienceing the benefits of kickboxing and martial arts conditioning in a high-engergy environment. You will focus on strength, balance and flexibility as part of a challengeing aerobic workout with power kicks and punches. Some classes include the use of punching bags.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine rated cardio kickboxing as the number one calorie burning workout at over 800 calories per hour.

Russian Kettlebell Training. A "kettlebell" or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast-iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. This old-time, low-tech Russian workout tool is the single most dynamic piece of equipment you can use to build a stronger, leaner, and better body. Once you start using them, you'll feel like a completely new person.

Personal Training: Training is available, on an individual basis, both locally and online.

Self Defense Classes: Train in the WYTS self defense system. Training is available in basic or comprehensive self defense systems through individual or group seminars, available to businesses or other groups.

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