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Harrry Connick Jr -Training with Kettlebell

Harry Connick Jr Training with

Kettblebells and Battling ropes

on the Today show.

Here is one of my favorite entertainers giving a glimps of his life behind the scenes.   This is a great example of a simple but effective workout.   Another demostration to how versatile kettlebells are.    I am sure this looks very familiar to my Boot Camp members.   


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...........................  other celebrities who are using kettlebells

By Sarah Arnold 24/06/2007
It's the latest fitness craze in celeb land embraced by Geri, Pen, J-Lo and Jen
                                                                                                spice girl geri.jpg
Geri is now a svelte Size 8 (pic:getty)
SPICE Girl Geri Halliwell is in the best shape of her life... and it's all down to a fitness craze that's sweeping Hollywood.
She's lost two-and-a-half stone following her pregnancy to become a svelte but shapely Size 8 - and it's all been done with an 18lb ball called the Kettlebell.
It looks like a cannon ball with a handle - but Geri, 34, is just the latest "body beautiful" to use it to sculpt their figures. Other devotees include Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz.
Incredibly, the Kettlebell was invented 2,000 years ago. It originated in Russia and was used by Greek athletes and gladiators.
But what's made it so popular today is manufacturers claim using it can burn up to 1,500 calories an hour. Stars are keen on the device because it keeps their bodies in shape without adding bulk, so they can still fit into their designer dresses for premieres.
The man who's helping Geri prepare for a Spice Girls' reunion tour is former Royal Navy field gunner and personal trainer Tim Blakeley. He's one of the most experienced consultants from London company Outdoor Extreme, who specialises in exercise courses carried out in public parks.
The firm's managing director Tommy Matthews, 24, says: "Geri has got into the best shape of her life in preparation for a Spice Girls reunion. She is proof that any woman can do it - even if they have recently had a baby. She is using our Kettlebell technique, and we know that, with a bit of hard work, Kettlebells are a great way to get back your figure post-pregnancy."
Geri gave birth to daughter Bluebell Madonna last May, stuck to the regime, and was soon winning admiring comments for her figure, which is now a happy medium between her buxom Spice Girls days and the worryingly skinny appearance of her early solo career.
Jennifer Aniston, 38, also uses the Kettlebell to keep her body lean and taut without adding bulk. Jennifer Lopez, 37, swears by it to keep her arms red-carpet slender and her famous abs trim. And Penelope Cruz, 33, maintains her enviable bikini body by following the regime.

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