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Building people from the ground up (949) 588-8193

Following Our Dreams

We all have dreams, many unfulfilled due to the things both planned and unplanned that effect and shape us as we grow and go about our lives.   Well, here is a story of one person’s quest to fulfill one of her youth full dreams. We often talk about thing we may have done had we not chosen to get married or just because life, work, responsibilities and opportunities led us on a different path.  Well, at a young age, Maia had one of those dreams. At 17 she dreamt of competing in a Fitness Competition.   Now, more than 20 yrs, a wonderful marriage and 2 children later, Maia has decided to take up that dream once again. Maia was already training on her own, but knew she needed more direction and assistance. After hearing from a friend about how effective kettlebells could be in her training, Maia approached me to help her reach that goal of getting to the stage. We started in mid July with a training goal to have Maia ready for the stage at the end of October. 

On her own, Maia had been training the traditional body building method focusing on one or two muscle groups per session and 6 days per week. With the introduction of kettlebells to her program, we train 3 days per week full body workout sessions 2 days of light cardio with 2 days of rest. We started with a Functional Movement Screen to insure she did not have any movement patterns that could cause injury under load. We then started to incorporate kettlebell complexes, effectively hitting more muscle groups per session.  With 2 days of rest, we can maintain the focus and intensity of the training session with less concern for overworking and causing injury. 
Maia has chosen to blog her experience so that others may be motivated to go after their own dreams. Follow Maia as she trains for her 1st competition. 
What’s your dream?

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