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Body Transformation -Kettlebell Extreme




A few weeks ago one of our Senior RKC Geoff Neupert.  Ask for volunteers to test his latest program for both fat loss and strength gain.   By the way  Geoff has authored some to the most amazing programs.  I was coming off  of several months of rehabilitating a hip injury that had kept me from doing any heavy work.    This was not only a great opportunity to kick back in to high gear, but I could evaluate the program for use with my clients.   I keep in pretty decent shape, so I was both excited and curious to see what kind of changes I would be able to achieve as a result of this program. 

                                             The Program - Kettlebell Extreme by Geoff Neupert. 

This was a 4 week program,  workouts 6 days- effective work time 20-25 Min's 15-20 Min's of cool down stretches, Diets 3-4 meals evenly balanced meals 5 days 1 cheat day 1 fasting day.


I started the program on Monday July 4.  Seemed as good a day as any.  For the workouts, I need 2 pairs of kettlebells.  I heavy pair and one medium pair.     First workout was an eye opener, having been off of heavy lifting for a while,  I had to re-access my choice for my heavy pair.  It's important to always to be honest with a shade of conservatism,  when choosing an appropriate weight to work with.  It 's far better to work up to a weight, than have that weight break you down because you it was more than you were ready for.    Now it was just a matter of working the program.  

The other challenge, was the diet.  

The Giant Killer!

In order to lose effectively lose weight and keep it off a proper well developed diet is a must.   Diets are always my clients primary challenge and I  am constantly emphasizing the extreme importance of a  proper and controlled diet as part of any program. I have had many a client just stall and no matter how hard they work out they are unable to make progress until they honestly  and consistently address their diet.


even though I pay close attention to my choice of foods and eat well, I had never had reason to engage a specific diet plan.   The key to all maintaining a good diet, is planning and preparation.    Going into the program I was having a protein shake in the mornings and eating 2 meals  per day both later in  the day.    I was know eating 3-4 meals per day almost twice as much.


My starting body weight 170 lbs

The first week, was mainly about setting the stage,      both with the workouts, and with the diet.   

My body was really ready for this so it was easy to embrace the workouts.     Once, I had gotten started, hitting the workout was easy.   Note, I did not say the workouts themselves were easy.  The program dictates that  you start the 1st week at a medium level of exertion and increase the work level each week.  This being said I was pretty wiped out by the end of each 25 minutes session.   That's right, 25 minutes.  A high quality, high intensity workout with NO CARDIO!  There goes the cardio myth I constantly  hear being spouted by so many.  It's not cardio that does the job, effective intensity that matters.   Please understand that I am not nay-saying cardio workouts and their effectiveness, but rather the fact that results, are based on effort and the quality of your results will usually coincide with the quality of your efforts.   Gotta say right now it just feels like work!

Week 2.  Now I am really getting in to a grove.  I already feel stronger than the first week and I am pushing better numbers.  I am having not problem eating more, I am hungrier.  My body adapting to both the exertion of the workout and as well as the need for more nutrition. Now I can really feel my body tightening and changing!

Week 3. Intensity level is really high. Workouts are really a push.  I  feel tighter pumped but by weeks end their is also a level of fatigue. 

Week 4.  Only 4 workouts,  Intensity level is at it's highest, but it's nice to have the extra break.

Ending Body weight 166lbs and 1 3/4 inches off my waist.  

This was a great journey, it also served as a reminder that weather I am losing weight or just working to be better,  a good diet consisting of not only quality foods but enough of it is central to any healthy fitness program.

My goal, was not to lose weight but to effectively change my body, and I think I accomplished that.  You be the judge.

Now gotta say  I like the changes in my body and I know the first step towards maintaining that is my diet so I will be maintaining the a slightly modified version of the diet from now on.    And I want to get stronger.  My goal is to press the 48kg Kettlebell by my birthday next April.  So, it's time to start a new program.    Stay tuned.... ! 



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