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Building people from the ground up (949) 588-8193

Paul Kick


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Burn up to 800 calories per hour while experiencing the benefits of kickboxing and martial arts conditioning in a high-energy, fun-filled environment. You will focus on strength, balance and flexibility as part of a challenging aerobic workout with power kicks and punches. Instructor Paul Daniels is recognized as one of the best!

Are You Ready to Come Out Fighting?!

Paul Staff

Best of the Best Cardio Kicking “Bars & Bags”

What is it? Only the best cardio-kicking boxing class you will ever take. In an innovative format that can be found nowhere else!

You will focus on strength, balance and flexibility as part of this high-energy fun-filled work out. By adding the use of weighted poles, we made the best class even better!

This class combines the benefits of high-energy cardio, resistance training *(through the use of body bars,) and the intensity of bag work to create the most complete work out you can get anywhere.


One of the most exciting aspects of this exercise format is that it so easily lends it lends itself to a broad age group as well as ability and fitness level. The only requirement is the right attitude. This format allows beginners as well advanced members to participate side by side each finding and reaching their own limitations and fulfilling their own personal goals.




Kevin Walt

I have been doing Kickboxing since 2004. The cardio helps to keep in shape for skiing in the winter and surfing in the summer. I workout 2-3 days per week which helps to keep me mentally awake as well as physically fit. -Kevin Walt

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Mary Mack

I met Paul when my youngest child was one (he is now 8). I was struggling with getting back in shape after my third child. I had been an athlete all of my life and found that walking or regular aerobics was not enough. Then I found cardio-kickboxing. No where else can you get a workout that is as fun, energizing or challenging as Paul’s class.

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Patty O’Brien

When I started Paul’s Kickboxing classes, I had dropped from a size sixteen to a twelve. I was at a plateau and my diet and exercise classes were not sufficient to burn enough calories or build muscles and allow me to lose the additional weight. After starting classes on a regular basis, I began losing a dress size every month or so.

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Yafit Tulk

This is my 5th month. I started with the kickboxing classes. Combining the kickboxing with the Fit Camp I have lost 16 pounds and many inches, I feel and look better and stronger today then I ever did before.Well, I LOVE the kickboxing classes. It is a complete body workout in one hour. I love punching and kicking the bag, it’s a healthy way for me to get rid of my demons. Thanks Paul. - Yafit Tulk

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Mary Thomsen

For months, my teenage daughter would suggest I accompany her to kickboxing class. My thought was, “What am I going to do in a class of young adults.” She finally convinced me to just try it. I have been writing checks to Paul ever since that day in March 2004.

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