Building people
from the ground up
(949) 588-8193

Building people from the ground up (949) 588-8193

Mary Mack

I met Paul when my youngest child was one (he is now 8). I was struggling with getting back in shape after my third child. I had been an athlete all of my life and found that walking or regular aerobics was not enough. Then I found cardio-kickboxing. No where else can you get a workout that is as fun, energizing or challenging as Paul’s class.

I still belonged to a large gym but found that no class they offered gave me a workout even close to what Paul was offering. Since that time, I have brought several friends to class and made several friends at his class. Not only does the class get you physically in shape but helps you mentally and spiritually. The physicality of the class helps with stress reduction and I often say that I save so much money by cardio-kicking because I get to hit something. It’s cheaper than seeing a therapist. Cardio-kicking has become a part of my life. I never feel as good before class as I do after and miss it when I can’t come. Thanks to Paul for being my “rock” - Mary Mack

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