Building people
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Building people from the ground up (949) 588-8193

Mary Thomsen

For months, my teenage daughter would suggest I accompany her to kickboxing class. My thought was, “What am I going to do in a class of young adults.” She finally convinced me to just try it. I have been writing checks to Paul ever since that day in March 2004.

I was a walker, took the stairs - not the elevator, went to the gym, and was reasonably active. I knew I wasn’t in top shape (whatever that is), but I felt I was okay, could definitely do more than many of my peers. Wow, did that first class wake me up!! Stand on one leg and move?? Punch, punch, jab, kick, what?? This guy had to be kidding!! And out of breath – more like oxygen deprivation!! Okay, my daughter was right – I needed this class. And it was not a class of young people, but a broad range of ages, and they could do this stuff?! If they could do it, so could I. Muscles, ready or not, here we go. The improvements did not happen over night, though the achy muscles said something was happening that first night. After a few weeks, the floor seemed closer and easier to reach; stairs were shorter. A few more weeks and I could stand on one foot, found that punch-punch-jab-kick had a rhythm, and there was more oxygen in the room. The challenges in the kickboxing class changed, now I was finding sleeping muscles and they were letting me know they were not happy about having to wake up. That’s a good thing; those lazy muscles make life easier when used. The classes are structured so I can maximize my efforts while others may maximize their efforts, improve as I go, but always have something to work towards. Unlike other classes I have taken, there is no maxing out. As I train my muscles to act as a team, I feel I keep getting stronger, more flexible, and more energetic. When I can’t make class, my body misses it. For an added challenge, I tried the kettlebell class in January of 2007. There were instant results. My back is stronger, I stand and sit straighter after only a couple of classes. I now have my own bell. It sits in my hallway and every time I have to pass it I swing it a few times. It feels real good to keep those muscles on their toes, the blood circulating and the brain clear. I am happier, have more energy, my body is more toned - and no, I don’t look like the Hulk! And yes, my 20 something daughter still goes when she can. - Mary Thomsen


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