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6-Day Body Makeover

I am not a fan of fad diets. I firmly believe we each have to learn what works for us. What's important is the framework of eating healthy and having regular meals.

This book really does everything. It helps you to identify your body type and accordingly, gives you a complete diet plan, taking all the guess work out of what to eat and when to eat it in order to attain your goals. If you use this book you are not only guaranteed the 6-day success, but I have many clients who have used this to build a foundation for continued success.
- Paul Daniels



From Russia With Tough LoveFrom Russia With Tough Love

"In-the-know Americans are purchasing ancient Russian fitness equipment, resurrecting old exercise philosophies and obtaining significant gains in cardio conditioning, muscle tone and strength as a result..." Marty Gallager,, Feb, 2003

"A must have for any woman getting started with kettlebells"

                                                     TKettlebellshe Russian Kettlebell
The #1 Handheld Gym For Extreme Fitness




Dragondoor Kettlebells are available locally.  Just place your order and pick up in 2 days


(10 lbs)
(14 lbs)
(18 lbs)
(12kg/26 lbs)
(16kg/35 lbs)
(16kg/35 lbs)
(20kg/44 lbs)
(24kg/53 lbs)
(28kg/62 lbs)
(32kg/70 lbs)
(36kg/79 lbs)





Quick Start KitsQuick Start Kits

"We have put together quick-start kits that incorporate all three of these resources, with your choice of three different weight sizes, the 35lb kettlebell, the 44lb kettlebell and the 53lb kettlebell. "

Enter The KettlebellEnter The Kettlebell

"Pavel's Kettlebell Training System: The Shortcut to Extreme Strength and Elite Conditioning Guaranteed. A must read for every kettlebell beginner and trainee."

b11.jpgBullet-Proof Abs
2nd Edition of Beyond Crunches
By Pavel Tsatsouline

Abs to Die For — Secrets to Kill For
Gain a Ripped Powerhouse of Six-Pack Muscle In No Time at All—With Breakthrough Techniques That Blow the Roof Off Traditional Ab Exercises

 p12.jpgThe Ab Pavelizer II

The Ab Pavelizer™ II's new sleek-'n-light design guarantees a perfect sit-up by forcing you to do it right. Now, escape or half-measures are impossible. Sit down at the Ab Pavelizer™ II and a divine slab of abs will be served up whether you like it or not. You'll startle yourself in your own mirror.







Support hormone production, increase energy, reduce muscle soreness, lose stomach fat, and ramp up heart health with Magnesium Oil! 




Why take transdermal magnesium oil over oral magnesium?
One very important unique component of magnesium oil is that it increases DHEA levels big time and is an overall hormone optimizer. According to Dr Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle “as magnesium is absorbed through the skin and underlying fatty tissues of the body it sets off many chain reactions, one of which ends in the production of DHEA.”
DHEA is a critical hormone for stress management and balancing the actions of the stress hormone cortisol. DHEA also acts as a back up reserve for testosterone production. Depleted levels of DHEA adversely affect testosterone levels.
Oral forms of magnesium do not increase DHEA levels. I do not have to take Dr Dean’s word for it as I know for a fact that magnesium oil increases DHEA levels. Over a year ago I was telling my health practitioner friend Rosemary that my DHEA levels were on the low end of normal. I have tried DHEA supplements in the past and never received a significant increase in DHEA levels. Moreover, I was always reluctant to take exogenous forms of hormones as they inevitably shut down your own production. I rather maximize natural production wherever possible. Rosemary recommended that I give magnesium oil a shot as it successfully increased her DHEA level dramatically. After two months I had my saliva checked and my DHEA measured at 618.5 pg/ml (reference range 72-500 pg/ml)! Before the magnesium oil I was at 250 pg/ml so that is quite an increase.
The hormone optimizing benefits of magnesium oil are not the only benefits. According to Dr Dean, “when you are under serious physical and even emotional stress, your body may not be producing a sufficient stomach acid, which is required for digestion and for chemically changing magnesium into an absorbable form.” In other words, when you are stressed your ability to absorb and utilize oral forms of magnesium is compromised. Fortunately, magnesium lotion is applied topically and does not have to deal with the GI tract. The benefits of magnesium are numerous. However, you actually have to absorb the magnesium to derive maximum benefit (or for many any benefit) so why even bother chancing it with oral magnesium? Magnesium Oil is inexpensive and should be part of your health routine today.

Magnesium Oil (1 unit)

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